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Bridge Mills offers a wide variety of space available to let. Commercial, warehousing, industrial and office space is available within the complex, from 300sq ft to 8000sq ft. Every business is different and therefore requirements vary, however we are sure that here at Bridge Mills we offer a home flexible enough to suit the requirements of any modern business, from start-up to an established business looking to re-locate. 

Above you can see an example of our excellent modern office space, units are being modernised on a continual basis but retain the crucial classic structural lines of the original mill.

Bridge Mills also has a large industrial and workshop space, the "sheds" each offer approx 8000sq ft of space a sub section of 28000sq ft unit, and have a ready supply of power which can be modified as necessary.

For information on space availability, prices and other enquiry's please use the form on the contact page or phone: 01484 682244.

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